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Promoting Smoke-Free Families


Promoting Smoke-Free Families (PSFF) aims to improve perinatal health outcomes and decrease disparities in low birth weight by encouraging women to stop and/or reduce tobacco use and identify strategies for reducing harm from secondhand smoke exposure for themselves and their children. PSFF is a continuum of care model that works with prenatal care, labor and delivery, and pediatric providers to assist them in integrating the 5A's clinical protocol into their system of care. Through the use of the 5A's, providers identify tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure among their pregnant and parenting clients and offer appropriate advice and referrals.

PSFF Program activities include on-site trainings for providers, distribution of appropriate patient health education material, and quality assurance activities. Trainings include the following:

  • Overview of the 5A's clinical protocol;
  • Description of the new California smoke-free car law (enacted January 2008);
  • Description of health risks associated with maternal smoking and secondhand smoke exposure;
  • Overview of interventions that can be used with pregnant and postpartum women who are smokers, spontaneous quitters, or secondhand smoke-exposed;
  • Tips for providers on strategies for integrating smoking cessation and secondhand smoke exposure protocols into the clinical practice;
  • Sample of screening tools for assessing all pregnant women and parents

Quality assurance activities include follow-up visits and medical chart reviews to ensure that providers are integrating the 5A's into their system of care.

Content provided by the Family, Maternal & Child Health (FMCH) Programs of Contra Costa Public Health Division. For more information, call 925-313-6254.

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