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About Us

The Health, Housing and Homeless Services Division (H3) integrates housing and homeless services across our health system; coordinates housing and homeless services across County government and in the community. As the Administrative Entity for the homeless continuum of care, H3 works with key partners such as the Employment and Human Services Department, the Housing Authority, school districts, housing providers, law enforcement and cities to develop innovative and community specific policies and strategies to address the needs of persons experiencing homelessness and/or housing insecurity as a key determinant of health.

H3 is committed to making homelessness short-lived and non-recurring by ensuring an integrated system of housing and support services for persons experiencing homelessness in Contra Costa County. H3 operates a homeless service delivery system that includes street outreach, respite and emergency shelters, independent living programs for transition-age youth, and permanent supportive housing for adults, youth, and families.

As the federally designated administrative entity for the local homeless Continuum of Care (CoC), H3 provides technical assistance, strategic guidance, and funding to a network of community-based agencies organized to respond to homelessness in the community. The CoC provides a full system of care that includes crisis response services and long-term permanent solutions to homelessness for adults, youth, and families.

Additionally, H3 manages the community-wide homeless management information system and submits the annual application for federal HUD homelessness assistance funding. H3 Administration provides guidance and staff to the Contra Costa Council on Homelessness, the federally mandated governing body for all HUD Homelessness Assistance funded services in Contra Costa County.