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Health Career Pathways Summer 2020

Summer 2020 Update

Due to the pandemic, HCP shifted to virtual summer internship programming and now have the largest intern cohort to date of 75 health professions-interested participants including 30 primarily college level students receiving clinical health mentorship within our Health Career Explorer Summer program with CCFMRP.

There are currently 47 HCP high school intern/mentor pairs. These students are either high school graduates or entering their senior year at schools in West, Central, and East regions of the county.

Intern Demographics


low-income (Household Income below $59k)


first-generation college students




Asian American


African American


Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander



Summer 2020 Intern Presentations

HCP Summer 2020 Interns have worked hard to learn the applications of health equity in order to prepare final presentations for community issues that they are passionate about. Please watch their presentation videos below and share your positive words for the interns in the comment box (Please use interns' names when offering specific feedback). Note: Your comments may be shared publicly and/or in future programming. Thank you for your support of Health Career Pathways.

Congratulations to the following interns who won Judge's Choice & HCP Choice - Most Innovative Solution Award:

  • Devin Dinh - Food Deserts & Food Insecurity in Low-Income, Minority Communities
  • Anita Chinwuba - How History Can Help Eradicate Racial Disparities in Healthcare
  • Uriel Cardoza - Latinx Leads Needed on Health Teams
  • Michael Lee Saavedra - Toxic Masculinity: Identifying the Idea of Masculinity for Males
  • Amanda Le - Bring Color to STEM
  • Israel Aguilar - Lost in Translation
  • Jocelyn Alexander - Helping the Homeless with Employment
  • Maya Thurmond - The Disproportionately High Rates of Pregnancy-Related Deaths Among Black Women


Please note the intern names and time stamps in the drop down menu below each video. Feel free to play the videos from the beginning, or you can skip to the time listed to watch a specific presentation.

HCP Presentations - Group 1.

Group 1 Presentations by Intern ∨

HCP Presentations - Group 2.

Group 2 Presentations by Intern ∨

HCP Presentations - Group 3.

Group 3 Presentations by Intern ∨

HCP Presentations - Group 4.

Group 4 Presentations by Intern ∨

Words of Encouragement for our Interns