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Integrated Pest Management Advisory Committee

to the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors

Purpose of the Committee (from the Committee's Bylaws)

  1. Protect and enhance public health, County resources, and the environment;
  2. Minimize risks and maximize benefits to the general public, staff and the environment as a result of pest control activities conducted by County staff and contractors;
  3. Promote a coordinated County-wide effort to implement IPM in the County in a manner that is consistent with the Board-adopted IPM Policy;
  4. Serve as a resource to help Department Heads and the Board of Supervisors review and improve existing pest management programs and the processes for making pest management decisions;
  5. Make policy recommendations upon assessment of current pest issues and evaluation of possible IPM solutions; and
  6. Provide a forum for communication and information exchange among members in an effort to identify, encourage, and stimulate the use of best or promising pest management practices.

Purview of the Committee

The Committee is concerned with the operation of County Departments and not with the actions of other public agencies, private individuals, business, or industry.



Wade Finlinson