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Become a Senior Peer Counselor

As we get older, sometimes a little help means a lot.

If you are 55 or older and facing challenges that are difficult to cope with alone, our Senior Peer Counseling program can help.

Participants connect with fellow seniors who are trained to provide assistance and support with challenges such as depression, fear, loneliness, the loss of a loved one, health changes, or isolation.

Senior Peer Counseling is available in English and Spanish. Services are free and confidential.

Senior Peer Counseling,
2425 Bisso Lane, Suite 100
Concord, CA 94520

Talk to a Senior Peer Counselor
How it Works
  • Talk to a Senior Peer Counselor

    To request a peer counselor or learn more about the program, call or email

    Our staff will match you with a trained Senior Peer Counseling volunteer who fits your needs.

    Anyone can refer someone they know by using this referral form (English | Spanish), or by contacting our staff for assistance.

  • How it Works

    You and your Senior Peer Counselor will meet for 8 to 12 sessions, usually weekly for an hour. Sessions can take place in the home or wherever you feel comfortable, at a convenient time.

    You will meet with your Senior Peer Counselor to talk through your issues to set and accomplish goals, such as working on ways to resolve a problem that is bothering you.

    Senior Peer Counselors volunteers are trained and supervised by mental health professionals.

  • Volunteer

    No prior experience or educational background is required to volunteer as a senior peer counselor. We encourage anyone over 55 years of age interested to apply (English | Spanish).

    As a peer counselor, you use your life experience and skills in a self-help approach to mental health. After your training, you can provide supportive counseling under the close supervision of mental health professionals.

    Training is offered annually and takes place over seven weekly, daylong sessions. Training begins in January of each year.

    Give us a call or email to receive an application: